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Shortly after 6pm on March 31st an EF-2 Tornado ripped through our church leaving two-thirds of the building destroyed. Thankfully nobody was inside and nobody was hurt. As we worked through the insurance process, it became apparent that the building was a total loss and we would have to rebuild from the ground up. With a new reality to face we decided that though our building was devastated, our church was not shaken. With this attitude we embarked down the road of cleaning up and rebuilding.

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Aerial View Of the Damage
Aerial View Of the Damage


The same storm that damaged our building also affected many of the homes in the surrounding communities. While we might have lost our church building, there were many people who lost their homes. We shifted our energy toward showing Christ's love to our neighbors who were suffering. Over the next few weeks we went in to the affected neighborhoods to pass out gift cards, food, water and supplies. In addition a few fundraisers were also started to raise money for families that had their homes impacted by the tornado. We want to be a church that selflessly loves our community and saw this as a great opportunity to do just that.

April 2 - Prayer Service

April 2 - Facebook Live Service



As of January 2019 we are thankful to be "home" at 900 Centerville Turnpike N! Real Life has a renewed sense of being a church that serves and builds relationships within the community.

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