Missions of Hope International

Missions of Hope International (MoHI) and Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMF) formalized the Hope Partnership in 2005. The Partnership was designed to bring together MOHI, CMF, and churches to address the desperate, crushing problems on a community level.

Since that time, more than 40 different churches have committed to a long-term relationship and Community Partnership with specific area in the Nairobi slums. These churches provide financial assistance and church-planting support, plus consultants and short-term teams to help with church leadership development, construction, medical work, business consultations, agricultural work and teaching.

In addition, a Child Sponsorship program and BigDent, a micro-lending program, were developed by CMF and MoHI as opportunities to provide education and basic care for the children, and income-producing small businesses for the families living in the Mathare slums. Hundreds of churches and individuals across the country have responded and now provide new life and hope for more than 12,000 children through their monthly sponsorship donations and for around 2,000 clients through their donations to BigDent.

Lives and communities are being changed in Nairobi as churches are planted, schools established and small businesses turn a profit. Most importantly, God is being glorified in one of the darkest slums of the world, thanks to the vision of the Hope Partnership.

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