We, the church, have an important mission to accomplish. When we are divided that mission is compromised. The sin of individuals never stays individual; it affects the whole body. Sin is always communal. Therefore we must address the sin, the division, and the issues the church is facing with urgency.

All Because Of Jesus

Communion, Gifts, and Love

Giving Up Your Rights

Why You Should Stay At Your Job

But We Have The Mind of Christ

Serious Issues

You Got What You Need

Date Title Speaker Video Audio Deeper
August 12, 2018All Because Of JesusCurtis Poor
August 5, 2018Communion, Gifts, and LoveDrew Froese
July 29, 2018Giving Up Your RightsDrew Froese
July 22, 2018Why You Should Stay At Your JobMike Johnson
July 15, 2018But We Have The Mind of ChristRyan K.
July 8, 2018Serious IssuesDrew Froese
June 24, 2018You Got What You NeedCurtis Poor

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