John presents a different type of narrative than the other Gospels. In some ways it's a simple revelation of Jesus as the awaited Messiah; and in other ways it is profoundly revelatory of the cosmic restoration Jesus is inviting all of us to.

Peter's Restoration

Abiding and Producing

Love Like Jesus

Prepare To Serve

Jesus Raises Lazarus

The Good Shepherd

A tale of two blind men

Grace Without Truth is not Love

Don't Settle

Quenching Your Thirst

For God So Loved

Spirit And Truth

Date Title Speaker Video Audio Deeper
August 4, 2019Peter's RestorationDrew Froese
July 28, 2019Abiding and ProducingCurtis Poor
July 21, 2019Love Like JesusDrew Froese
July 14, 2019Prepare To ServeDrew Froese
July 7, 2019Jesus Raises LazarusMike Yelton
June 30, 2019The Good ShepherdDrew Froese
June 23, 2019A tale of two blind menMike Johnson
June 16, 2019Grace Without Truth is not LoveCurtis Poor
June 9, 2019Don't SettleCurtis Poor
June 2, 2019Quenching Your ThirstDrew Froese
May 26, 2019For God So LovedCurtis Poor
May 19, 2019Spirit And TruthMike Johnson

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