What is our reference point for what is and what is not “crazy”? It might be that our perspective is a little skewed and the seemingly crazy sayings of Christ really aren’t that crazy after all. It was in his first recorded sermon that we encounter eight crazy sayings, sayings that go against what we might think is normal. But, when we dig deeper and understand them we see how the Crazy 8 are absolutely life giving.

Peacemakers and the Persecuted

Pure in Heart





Poor In Spirit

Date Title Speaker Video Audio Deeper
July 31, 2016Peacemakers and the PersecutedCurtis Poor
July 24, 2016Pure in HeartBryan Smith
July 17, 2016MercyBryan Smith
July 10, 2016HungryBryan Smith
July 3, 2016MeekCurtis Poor
June 26, 2016MournMike Johnson
June 19, 2016Poor In SpiritBryan Smith

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