Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

That’s a great question to ask. A Life Group is nothing more than a group of people meeting sometime during the week to dig in a little deeper. We believe that as Real Life gets bigger we have to get smaller. So, we meet on campus, in homes, at Starbucks and elsewhere in our Life Groups throughout the week. The meetings are usually anywhere from an hour to two hours. The group leader will help guide and direct the time, but they are not there to teach. Their goal is to facilitate the discussion and assist the group in connecting. Material is geared to take the group into a deeper discussion of the weekend’s message. Occasionally groups will move in another direction for a short time and study something pertinent to that group.

Click to view a listing of the life groups and their times and locations.

The goal?

We want to connect and develop meaningful relationships that will impact our lives and our faith. We know that our weekend worship services are more geared toward a teacher/student type setting. Our Life Groups are geared more to facilitate healthy, constructive discussion and provide time for group members to connect and care for each other. Our groups typically have less than 15 people, allowing for great discussion and connection.

How do I sign up?

Click on the link above to see a listing of our Life Groups and to contact the leader. Shoot them an e-mail to let them know you want to try out their group. There are all sorts of groups – women’s, men’s, married couples, singles, young adult, kid-friendly, and those that require a baby-sitter (kid-unfriendly sounds so lame). Our recommendation is try a group for a couple of weeks. If the fit isn’t right…try another one. We’d ask, though, that you eventually land in a group and commit.

What can I expect?

Another great question. Each week the group will meet, cover the sermon based questions, pray and check in. You will experience a genuine, caring environment where you are free to be ‘you’. You can also expect to develop deep relationships that lead to challenging spiritual growth. Tears, laughter, ‘aha’ moments, good food, coffee, honesty, and more laughter are often present each week as well.

Click here to Go Deeper (Questions designed for our Life Groups to use)

Life Group Leaders

Current leaders and those considering leading a life group, please visit the equip training section for upcoming training dates. The leader commitment and application which need to be completed can be downloaded using the following links. Please turn in the completed forms at the Octagon.

Real Life Parents

Parents, sign up below and keep updated with what is happening in student ministry.