What is a Group?

Community is really important to us at Real Life. We believe your faith grows best when you are with others. Alone our faith struggles, but together our faith can thrive. Because of the importance of community, we provide several ways you can get connected.



Life Groups meet weekly in someone’s house and are designed to provide community and a place to grow your faith. Each week there is a study and some questions that go through the week’s topic. But the purpose isn’t to just get through the material, rather the goal is to spur on conversation about life and faith.


Table Groups

Table Groups are most common in Men’s and Women’s Ministry. These groups focus around a specific study that lasts an average of 6-8 weeks. The Table Groups are part of a larger group of men or women. In these studies, there is typically a large group time of teaching followed by a conversation with your table group.


Dinner Groups

Dinner Groups are just as described. You eat dinner with a group of people. But the goal isn’t just to eat dinner—but rather to enter into a deeper level of community. While there’s no study or topic specific questions, Dinner Groups seek to deepen community and conversation concerning life and faith in a more natural setting.


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Helping Create Community

Our groups help create and deepen our community at Real Life, but we need people who can lead and host these groups. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Curtis Poor.

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