God is doing amazing things at Real Life, and He has given us a burden to see people in our community embrace the unbelievable hope that Jesus is greater than everything. We imagine a day where the dreams of our church are unencumbered by financial burden, where Real Life Christian Church becomes an epicenter for life change, where ridiculous amounts of our resources are used to serve others. That is the motivation behind the Greater Than Cause.

The Greater Than Cause is a two-year financial commitment aimed at moving us to financial freedom so that we can fulfill the God-sized goal of being the church just described. Let’s not just be “another church.” Let’s be known for reflecting Jesus’ extravagant, pursuing love.

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No, unfortunately insurance paid for the destroyed building. The original building was built in 2009 and an addition was completed just months prior to the tornado. The outstanding debt, along with the depreciation of the building’s value, made it so that the insurance money was used to pay off the remaining debt, but insurance didn’t cover the cost of the new building. So essentially the new building is financed by a brand-new construction loan at $3.7 million.
No, not at all. When I came to Real Life in October 2017, the plans for the new building and the loan amount were already well established, and we were in a fine financial position to pay off the loan at a rate of about 20 years. Our leadership started looking at the numbers of what would be paid in interest, and as we began to dream about what could be done to disciple those inside the church and serve those outside of the church, it was clear that we could do so much more to impact God’s Kingdom if we expedite the payment of the loan. I believe that we are in a defining moment for Real Life Christian Church where the people whom God has brought into this church body could make world-altering and community-impacting investments by helping catapult us to a place where we are debt free and so we can pour more resources into expanding God’s Kingdom.
This is a tough question to answer because I don’t know your circumstance. Most of us live with some sort of debt (i.e. home, car, a bit on a credit card). I want to be sensitive to your story but also lovingly direct in my answer. So here is what I’ll say: If you have collectors calling you or you find yourself in a significant hole, please seek counsel. We have classes here to help with finances, and those who teach the classes can recommend places to continue to get you to a healthier financial situation. If you are someone who is in this situation, I would encourage you to give to the standard that you can. God calls us to give to Him and moves in our hearts as we do.

Now, before I move on, there is also a caution: don’t use your financial struggles to squeeze God out of your responsibilities. Too often we say, “I don’t have the money” or “I can’t get out of debt” simply because we are being foolish with our money. God is the most important thing ever, and our finances should reflect that. If you are in debt and “can’t get out of it,” don’t keep spending money on Starbucks, fishing poles, and purses (or whatever you find yourself buying). Give to God your first monies, not allowing excuses to silence obedience.

If you find yourself with more to give than you had when we started the GREATER THAN cause and want to give more—GREAT! Everything that you give will be used to further build God’s Kingdom.

If you lose your job or come upon another hardship, we would just encourage you to respond as the Lord leads. Perhaps this is a time where God is refining you to continue your commitment even in tighter financial times. Perhaps this is a time where God is releasing you from your commitment and reminding you that there is nothing you can do to earn His love. I’m not sure what it will be, but trust as you talk to God that He will make that clear; and if you need to lower or eliminate your commitment, we totally understand. In that case, please email

Financial decisions for the church are made by our leadership team, including the Elders, Drew and Brett. The money from GREATER THAN is fully intended to be used to eliminate any constraints to expanding God’s Kingdom. Right now the biggest constraint is the mortgage on the building and the interest paid over the term of the loan. If something else were to come up that made us say, “this is a huge hindrance to ministry,” then we would prayerfully evaluate what to do and move forward in a way that best serves to expand Kingdom building.
This is a tough question to answer because we have two really big goals. The first goal is 100% participation in some aspect of the cause: prayer, sacrifice, commitment, asking others. We believe that everyone can play a part, whether they are 5 years old, 99 years old, a non-believer, or a long-time Christian; if a person calls Real Life their church, they can and should participate.

The secondary goal is to pay off our $3.7 million loan as quickly as possible so that we can use the money saved and the monthly income to do more things for God’s Kingdom. We believe that it would take a miracle to raise that amount in 2 years, but we believe in a God who performs miracles, and we are diligently praying for a miracle. This cause may get us ¼ way there, ½ there, or all the way there, but wherever it gets us we will use it to invest in kingdom work.

WOW! That would be a wild, awesome, amazing, exciting, breath-taking miracle!! I know that a lot of us would love to see more miracles in our lives; and if this happened, it would no doubt be one of God’s “miracle moments.”

If we don’t reach the goal, that is okay too because we know that whatever happens will help launch us to future opportunities of changing lives. My guess is that in the future we will have other money raising causes in order to fully eliminate constraints. Money and people serving are needed to do Kingdom work, and there is no shortage of people who need Jesus, who need support, and who need guidance. As God’s people, we will be “on assignment” for as long as we live, and we are committed to helping people live their calling, making Jesus > everything.


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