Building Update November 2017


The next few months will be busy showing major changes to the property. Beginning the first week of December, a full-time construction manager will be on-site who will remain until project completion. The new structure will be larger, and the expanded foundation will be poured in December to accommodate the larger footprint.

Demolition of the remaining portion of the building has been on hold until the new steel for the next structure arrives. Demo and new construction needs to be timed together. The removal of the remaining structure and the arrival of the new steel is scheduled mid-to-late December 2017.

The plan calls to have the exterior walls and roof completely assembled by February 2018. Once the exterior structure is completed, crews will be working on the interior build-out including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. Interior work will not be visible, but we will update here as progress occurs.

Below is a rendering of the expected new building exterior. Multiple textures of brick, wood and metal have been incorporated. Please be aware that there may be minor changes along the construction journey.


Real Life Christian Church Rendering
As you can see, we will no longer be able to refer to our building as “The Red Barn on Centerville.” We believe this new design will be more intriguing to newcomers and unbelievers, and the interior will be warm and friendly as more natural lighting is added wherever possible. The interior will also include additional children's classrooms to serve our little ones, a redesigned lobby to help welcome everyone, and a revamped students area to continue to build into the younger generations.
The estimated timeline for completion is currently set to have us all under our new roof worshiping together in December of 2018. Merry early Christmas to us! If you have any questions about the building, feel free to email Brett Coates directly.

Your continued prayers are needed. A lot of effort will go into construction management and planning during the next year. We look forward to what God IS doing through the ministry of Real Life now and what He WILL do in the future!


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