Building Update May 2018

MAY 2018

Seeing the progress inside the building has been encouraging. Photos are included to show the plans taking shape. Most of the metal stud work is complete. Below is a picture of the future stage and backroom areas. Our Creative Arts Pastor is doing a lot of work to make screen presentation, stage height, room lighting, and all things sound and tech be the best it can be.


Stage Construction


HVAC (heating and air conditioning) and plumbing contractors are hard at work upstairs and downstairs. HVAC has a goal to finish the main auditorium this month. Plumbers have been repairing what remained intact and replacing what couldn’t be salvaged.


Plumbing and HVAC


We have a gifted group of people from Real Life whom God has blessed with incredible interior design ability. This team will plan colors, lobby seating areas, and the overall feel of the inside of the building. What they are planning is going to make you not want to leave on Sundays! Seriously, they would put Chip and Joanna Gaines to shame. #shiplap

Below is a picture of drywall that has begun to be installed in the lobby area. Outside this wall will be a seating area allowing a view of the live service from the lobby in multiple areas. Our goal is to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable to the people of Real Life and first-time visitors.




Assembling the remaining front wall portion facing Centerville and structure for the foyer will begin next week. These two wall sections are different material and require a specific welding crew.

The summer should reflect more internal construction progress. Our projected completion timeframe to return to 900 N Centerville remains December 2018.

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