Building Update January 2018


Two of three shipments of steel arrived Thursday, January 18. See picture below. This has taken months to design, fabricate and deliver. At the time of this writing, the steel assembly crew is en route to begin dismantling the remaining portions of the building and will then begin assembling the main elements of the new building. Our construction manager used the word “surgical precision” when describing the process of attaching new steel support to the existing second floor before removing the old/compromised steel that is currently holding it up.


New Steel Arriving
Progress has been slowed due to the holidays and now two snow storms. The foundation expansion was supposed to be completed by now; however, below-freezing temperatures, snow and the saturated ground from the melting snow have impeded this. Contractors are getting creative in staggering projects to catch up to remain on schedule to be back together in our new building by December 2018. That might seem far away, but in actuality it is only 10 - 11 short months away.

Exciting plans will be shared soon about how we intend to reach out to our community. As Drew has said, we don’t want to wait until the building is completed to begin reaching and building relationships with people who need Jesus!

If you have questions, feel free to email Brett Coates.

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