Building Update February 2018


It seems opposite to see something going backwards and yet know it is moving forward. Over the last month, all the steel from the former building was removed, making way for the new structure to be assembled. Despite a very rainy February, construction continues--although the rain slowed progress a bit. The picture here shows the crews working to finish the main beams and steel purlins that will hold the roof.

A few surprises were discovered in the concrete foundation revealing damage underground where we believe the major brunt of the tornado impacted the building. The concrete has been repaired and the remaining steel frame should be complete soon. Over the next month, crews will focus on installing the roof and as much of the exterior wall panels as they can. Feel free to pray for some sunny and windy days to dry up the site. This will allow crews to finish the exterior and shift the majority of the work to the interior.

The good news is we are still on track to be together again at 900 North Centerville in December of 2018. It is shocking to think we have officially been worshiping at Shores High School longer than we were at Shores church. Let that sink in for a minute. God continues to move – no matter where we gather.

March 31st will mark the 1-year anniversary of the tornado. Be on the lookout for something we are planning to commemorate that day/time.

Building Steel and Purlins

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