Building Update August 2018

August 2018

Fall is around the corner and we are that much closer to being back in our building. Excitement is in the air! Ordering of furniture for the children’s rooms, lobby and other areas has begun. As for the construction itself, the final stages of exterior windows are finally being installed.


Front Entrance and Windows
There is a lot of activity/progress inside the building. Drywalling is almost complete throughout the upstairs and downstairs. The ceilings are being painted upstairs, and then the painters will begin to move downstairs. Below is the picture of the Kid’s Church room which will soon hold over 150 K-5th graders on Sundays.


Kids Church Room
In the main Auditorium room, electricians were holding off the drywall process around the stage until this section passed city inspection. That area just passed inspection, so drywall and stage subflooring will be installed very soon.


Stage Area
Stage Area
HVAC and fire sprinkler crews are daily busy at work installing all their building elements. The remaining exterior faux brick section facing Centerville will be completed in the coming weeks. The next big milestone begins next week with the steel crews coming in to finish their work. All front entrance swooped overhangs will be put in place and the last of the doors will be cut into the exterior structure.

Move-in Date!
The “goal” date of being back together again at 900 Centerville Turnpike North is either Sunday, December 2nd or December 9th. That equates to 14 weeks or 100 days…but who's counting. The big X factor impacting this date depends on the city’s cooperation, but construction remains on track.

Be sure to join us on Sunday, September 9th as exciting information impacting the church in the coming months and years will be announced.

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