Building Update April 2018

APRIL 2018

The church building has a new completed roof and 90% of the walls have been installed. What remains to be completed for the exterior should be done in a couple weeks. Large wall windows have been ordered and will arrive in several weeks.


Exterior View


However, on the inside work is already in full swing! In fact, most of the wall framing is already complete. HVAC (heating and air conditioning) work begins this week. Plumbing and electrical will follow soon after. Those three elements will take quite a bit of time and coordination to complete. Below is a picture of the interior wall studs for what will be the back of the Auditorium, Children’s and Student’s rooms.


Interior View


It's exciting to envision adults, students and young children worshiping God in the spaces that are beginning to be formed in this picture and to think about people’s eternal future changing right here.

Please continue to pray for wisdom as we plan and see decisions coming into reality. Would you ask God to bless us with making the best decisions now and for the future -- that He would help us be the best stewards of the resources He has entrusted us with.

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