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At Real Life, we believe generosity matters! We believe too that our generosity is an act of worship. How we view our finances and how we share our finances communicates something about the position of our hearts. Jesus told us that our treasure follows our hearts (Matthew 6:21), and with that in mind we want to live in such a way that our finances communicates our heart’s dependence on God. By giving back to God, we are aligning our hearts with him and depending more and more on him for his provision.

Real Life is more interested in your discipleship and the position of your heart than your finances. We never want to communicate ‘give’ simply to give. Rather, our desire is to communicate give because your heart is in line with what God is calling you as his disciple to do: be generous!

Our encouragement: dive in and see what God does as you give. We don’t give to get, but we know too that we receive incredible blessings from God as we live a disciplined life for his purposes. We are blessed as we align our hearts with his desires.

Know this too, Real Life practices generosity by giving 10% as well. We are actively involved in supporting ministries outside our walls – both locally and globally.

Beginning March 2018, Real Life has changed their online giving company to Subsplash.

For more information or to receive help with online giving, email Denise Holser or call 757.490.0201.

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